“Hi, I’m Frederik. I develop games and websites.”


* MSc in IT, Media Technology and Games from the IT University of Copenhagen
* BA in Literature from University of Copenhagen


Website Development // Game Development // Adobe Flash/Animate // Adobe Air // JavaScript // PHP // MySQL // WordPress // HTML5 // JQuery // Adobe Photoshop // Python // Phaser // Firebase // ElasticSearch

Me around the web


Languages & Travels

Fluent in Danish and English. Understand German, Swedish, Norwegian, and Spanish fairly well. Travelled in Europe, Africa, Asia, Antarctica, and North and South America, including longer stays in San Jose, California (1993-94) and Berlin (2003-04).

Volunteer Work

* I translate TED talks that I find inspiring.
* I helped translate Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig’s online course from Stanford University, Intro to Artificial Intelligence into Danish.
* I submit data about games and releases to the Mobygames online database.
* I’ve backed a number of crowdfunding games on Kickstarter.

Awards & Honors

* Golden Joystick Award (1st Prize) for Værdikamp in DR and Diginet competition about the best public service game, Nordic Game Conference 2006.
* Adobe MAX 2009 Award in the social responsibility category for RePlay: Finding Zoe where I freelanced as a programmer.
* 3rd World Farmer has been adopted by many relief agencies and educational institutions for use in campaigns and educational activities since 2005.